An Event w/ A Cause (Atlanta Reggae Summer Jam)

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Atlanta Reggae Summer Jam
Larina Poe/Event Coordinator 
Phone: 678-492-1628 

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A Caribbean Music Celebration

Decatur, GA – Saturday, July 9th at 10:30 pm, Ultimate Promotions ATL will host its first Atlanta Reggae Summer Jam Event.  The one day event promotes and celebrates the Jamaican culture. The Atlanta Reggae Summer Jam will be held at the Golden Glide Skating Rink, 2750 Wesley Chapel Road Decatur, GA 30034.  Attendees will enjoy live Caribbean music from some of the most popular Reggae artists of our time.

The musical line up will include Sanchez, Frankie Paul, Glen Washington, and L.I.ZEE–all backed by the sweet sounds of the Inner Roots Band. The event will also include a Vendors Row displaying an array of arts and crafts designed by local Jamaican artists and merchants.  

Atlanta Reggae Summer Jam attendees will also be able to witness the kick-off of “The Back To School Give Back Campaign” sponsored by Ultimate Benz Service Center. This campaign will benefit less fortunate families in DeKalb County and will provide a wonderful opportunity for kids in need to start the school off right with essential school supplies.   

With a combination of giving back to the community, genuine Reggae music, Caribbean cuisine, and an atmosphere that embodies the spirit of Jamaica, patrons are guaranteed to have the ULTIMATE Caribbean experience.

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased online at Early bird tickets are $25 until June 15th and $30 until the day of the event. Doors open at 10:30pm.

Companies interested in participating as a retail vendor or exhibitor, please contact Event Coordinator, Larina Poe at 678-492-1628 or send request to

For media credentials, please send request via email to

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Regular Maintenance Is Very Important!

Most Mercedes-Benz owners are aware that regular Mercedes Benz Maintenance is much cheaper than paying for costly repairs later. A lot of vehicle maintenance is fairly obvious, but there are important aspects to Mercedes-Benz maintenance that are often overlooked because there are no visual or aural reminders that there may be a problem. Here are a few tips that should be included as part of your regular car maintenance routine.

Wash the underside of your vehicle.

Unless a Mercedes-Benz owner does their own repairs, most people will never see the underside of their vehicle. However, many cities with a snowy climate use salt to de-ice their roads, resulting in a slushy mixture that ends up on the undercarriage of your Mercedes-Benz. This mixture can eat away at important mechanical and structural components of your vehicle. During the winter months make sure you clean the undercarriage at least once a month, and one final time when the season is over to ensure the last of the mixture is removed.

Check your ignition system.

The ignition system on your Mercedes-Benz is a good indicator of how your car is performing. Take your Mercedes-Benz into your dealership and have them check the system, especially the spark plugs, every 30,000 miles. Spark plugs should be replaced when necessary or at 100,000 miles. This system is easy to forget about as most people will never see their spark plugs, but they are equally important to maintain.

Replace your filters.

Again, your vehicle’s filters are something most owners will never see, but your Mercedes-Benz uses several for both oil and fuel. These filters are crucial for preventing debris and rust from entering the internal components of your engine. Filters should be checked every three thousand miles and replaced when they are clogged.

Track your mileage.

Perhaps the best gauge of how a Mercedes-Benz is performing is fuel efficiency. To track the fuel efficiency of a vehicle, record the amount of gas purchased each time the tank is refilled, and the mileage on the odometer. By doing this one can determine how many miles the vehicle is getting for every gallon of gasoline. Many newer vehicles will track this for you on an inboard computer system. If a big decline in fuel efficiency is noticed, bring the vehicle in for a check up as soon as possible.

Hope this helps!